The Shimmer Sparkle Shine Project
Our Volunteers Do More
Not only do our participants learn and enhance their self-worth, but our volunteers learn just as much!
Building Communities
We can serve a variety of different community organizations, by hosting our workshops at libraries, sport teams, girl scout troops, etc.
More Than Self-Worth
Our workshops provide a great atmosphere to strengthen bonds and build new friendships, while working to appreciate their own self-worth.

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Our main method of helping girls discover and enhance their self-worth is through our workshops.

In our workshops, we plan and prepare multiple stations and activities to help guide the girls to discover what different concepts mean to them.

Workshops can be held anywhere, they are free for all who wish to attend, we provide the materials, and can be anywhere from 2 to 6 hours.

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"I'm so honored to say that I've had the privilege of taking part in the Shimmer Sparkle Shine Project. It's truly such a great feeling to be able to have such a positive role in younger eyes. Not only are we learning about one another but we're having fun during workshops and there's nothing better than seeing such bright smiles on everyone's faces. Having been a volunteer, it's such a valuable moment to have with these young girls and with other volunteers. You just don't know how you can impact or empower someone by just being you with your own Shimmer Sparkle & Shine."
Angelica / Volunteer
“I have had the opportunity to participate in the SSS workshops! They are so much fun! It's definitely a great place to feel comfortable and to interact with other girls like you! The workshops are a great self-esteem booster! All the people at the workshops are so nice! In the workshop we did our nails, made cute journals to write our thoughts, and talked about self-worth! We spent the day laughing and having a great time! SSS is a great organization! It helps teen girls realize that we are special! We hope all realize their worth and with the workshops we are one step closer!”
Michelle / Workshop Participant

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