Self-Worth Awareness Day

Every February our Self-Worth Awareness Day campaign takes place, and is targeted towards women of all ages. An online campaign takes place throughout February to leading up to Self-Worth Awareness Day, which is generally the last Friday in February. Every year there is an online campaign that leads up to Self-Worth Awareness Day.

We use our social media outlets during our Self-Worth Awareness Day campaign to engage followers in our message of discovering our individual self-worth through different challenges and contest. Our Self-Worth Awareness Day campaign varies from year to year, and grows with our organization In the past for Self- Worth Awareness Day we have had individuals sign our banner in a pledge to love themselves, while another year we had people take a picture of themselves telling us what makes them shine!

For 2016's Self-Worth Awareness Day we encouraged sparkles to participate in "Sparklers Ignite." We collected portraits of women, with an accompanying direct quote finishing the sentence “to me self-worth means…” We called this project “Sparklers Ignite” to demonstrate that when everybody embraces who they are, we become stronger together.