Our main method of helping girls discover and enhance their self-worth is our workshops. The workshop curriculum is designed to guide the girls to discover and relate various concepts of self-worth. Workshops can be hosted anywhere, are free of cost, and can be adjusted anywhere from 2 to 4 hours.

During the workshops participants (also referred to as sparklers) decorate and fill out a Boost Book. Their Boost Book acts as a self-esteem journal for sparklers to add photos, quotes, memories, and anything else that reminds them to shimmer, sparkle and shine! In addition to the allotted time to work on their Boost Books, the Boost Books are used throughout the whole workshop in the various activities that take place. We aspire for Boost Books to be a tool that is further utilized in developing and maintaining their sense of self-worth beyond our workshops. The core of our workshop curriculum is our 5 Keys to Self-Esteem. Each key serves as its own station, and is characterized by a variety of discussions, crafts, service projects, and games.

5 Keys to Self Esteem

1. Personality

Personality Key Image

During this key Sparklers review personality traits in women they look up to and discuss how they can embrace their own unique personalities and share them with the world.

2. Good Friends vs. Bad Friends

Good Friends vs. Bad Friends Key Image

Sparklers learn to recognize the difference between good friendships and bad friendships. Sparklers also discuss how to be a good friend to others and how to create healthy and uplifting relationships.

3. Make Your Mark

Making Your Mark Key Image

Everyone has talents and abilities to share with others. At this key sparklers learn to identify their talents and how to use them to serve and help others.

4. Comfort in Your Own Skin

Comfort in Your Own Skin Key Image

The objective of this key is to educate sparklers about programs such as Photoshop, and how they are used to distort our perception of beauty. Sparklers are encouraged to shift their mind set and focus on what they love about themselves instead of trying to live up to the media’s unrealistic portrayal and expectations of women.

5. Healthy Living

Healthy Living Key Image

There’s even more to a healthy lifestyle than taking care of our bodies through a healthy diet and staying active. During this key sparklers learn techniques for dealing with stress and taking care of their mental and emotional health.