Our main method of helping girls discover and enhance their self-worth is through our workshops. For our workshops we plan and prepare different stations and activities to guide the girls to discover what these concepts mean to them. Our workshops can be hosted anywhere, are free of cost, and we provide the materials. We can adjust our workshops to be anywhere from 2 to 6 hours.


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At every workshop each participant creates a self-esteem journal called a “Boost Book”where they can put photos, quotes, memories, and anything else that reminds  them to shimmer, sparkle and shine! The girls are allotted time to work on their Boost Book at the beginning of the workshop and are given handouts to insert in their Boost Book they go through each station's activities.  Sparklers take their Boost Books home,  with our hope being they continue to work on them and refer to them when they need a reminder on how amazing they are


The 5 Keys to Self-Esteem:

The main focus of our workshops is presenting what we believe to be the 5 Keys to Self-Esteem. Each key serves as its own station filled with a variety of discussions, crafts, service projects, and games.

1. Personality

At this station we talk about personality traits in women we look up to and talk about how we can embrace our own unique personalities and share them with the world.

2. Good Friends vs. Bad Friends

We talk about the difference between good friendships and ones that we may need to let go of. We discuss how to be a good friend to others and how to create healthy relationships with people that lift us up.

3. Making Your Mark

Everyone has talents and abilities to share with others. Even the smallest actions can leave big impacts on people. Here we learn how to identify those talents and how to use them to brighten someone’s day.

4. Comfort in Your Own Skin

Our goal here is to educate girls about programs such as Photoshop, which are used to change women in magazines and commercials to look “perfect”, and to focus on what we love about ourselves instead of comparing to those images.

5. Healthy Living

There’s even more to a healthy lifestyle than taking care of our bodies by eating well and staying active. In this station we teach girls techniques for dealing with stress and taking care of their mental and emotional health.