Our Board

The board is a major component in our organization. Board members assist in developing and assisting SSSP in accomplishing our goals.


What does self-worth mean to me >

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To me self-worth means that who I am now, who I was in the past, and who I will become is not limited to imperfections. This doesn’t mean it will mean the same thing to me in a year, or even a month. My personal meaning of self-worth is always changing, which is something I try to emphasize in SSSP.


What does self-worth mean to me >

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To me self-worth means not beating myself up when I stumble and allowing myself to celebrate when I have a victory. It’s also coming to an understanding that my journey is not someone else journey. We are all unique as woman and what I have to give in this moment is enough.


What does self-worth mean to me >


Self-worth is having the confidence to express your true authentic self, no matter the differences in our physical, emotional, financial, intellectual, or social well-being. This confidence is always changing and evolving through all the stages of life.  Being kind to oneself and finding love from within.


What does self-worth mean to me >

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It goes hand in hand with self esteem as our own self worth is a direct influence on our self esteem. Our worth is a subjective evaluation of who we are and and how we contribute to society, our family, friends and yourself emotionally and metaphorically. The higher our self worth the higher our self esteem which also holds true in reverse.


What does self-worth mean to me >

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Self-worth means the complete trust and love of yourself while also knowing you are good enough for anything and everything you do.

We are looking for people to join our board. If you are interested in being a board member of a growing organization, please contact us.