Having 20/20 Vision

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Can you believe it is 2020?!?!

When someone has 20/20 vision it means they can see things both near and far. When things are right in front of you, they are clear. When things are further away, they are just as clear. When it comes to making new year’s resolutions at the start of this decade, I want you to approach it with 20/20 vision. I want you to make goals for the year we just entered (nearsighted goals), and goals you want to accomplish this decade (farsighted goals). Often, the nearsighted goals contribute to accomplishing your farsighted goals.

When I say goals, I don’t mean something that is easy to accomplish or impossible to accomplish. Your goals do not even have to be tangible or quantitatively measurable. They can be as simple as “maintain my mental health” or “remember to take life one day at a time.”

Sometimes our eyes cannot naturally have 20/20 vision, and need glasses, contacts, eye surgery, etc. Those aids are to help us make up for what our eyes are lacking. When it comes to having 20/20 vision with our goals, we will need aids to help us at some point along the way. These aids can be people, experiences, feelings, or even perspectives. When planning your nearsighted and farsighted goals it is important to also think of the “glasses” you will need to accomplish your 20/20 vision.

To help jump start your 20/20 vision we have made a FREE downloadable printable you can use. FREE PRINTABLE

For some inspiration, here are my 20/20 goals.

I hope you are just as excited for the start of this decade as I am and will take on this challenge to add clarity to your “farsighted” and “nearsighted” goals for perfect 20/20 vision.

With Love,


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