I Believe Making a Difference Comes in the Small and Unseen

Guest Contributor: Kristy Mozes

I recently just turned 40. Forty years of being female, a woman, a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter. Forty years serving. Funny, because no one told me while I was growing up that all of those things, all those roles I filled, came with a heavy requisite of service. I suppose if someone would have told me that as a child I wouldn’t have understood anyway and as a teenager I wouldn’t have listened to anyway, and as a wife and mother I was too tired and guilt ridden to believe.

Service by definition is an act of helpful activity; help; aid. If someone asked me, what and who does service in my community, town, home, etc., I would have had a ton of answers. Pastors, Teachers, Police, Fire Rescue, Doctors, Military, but never would I have said myself. Society tends to shed light on the professional positions, but I believe making a difference comes in the small and unseen. That’s where the spark of genuine service begins.

When I was in high school everyone asked,” What do you want to go to college for?” Then years in, the next question was, “Where do you want to work? What kind of career are you planning? How are you going to make a difference?” But when I started a family the questions were,” So, when are you going back to your career to contribute, to do your part in the world?” I thought, well, take care of my baby! I was confused as to why that wasn’t a complete answer. Wasn’t caring for another human being the biggest act of service there is? I started to doubt that. Maybe to really contribute and make a positive impact on people , I had to have a formal job with a title. Years passed with more babies before I lost the deep feeling of being unproductive. What I started to realize was that I got to decide if, where, when and who I served. When I let go of the obligation of service and what others thought it needed to look like is when I began to let go of the unproductive voice in my head. I began to be filled with grace, confidence and gratitude for the immense service I was led to shoulder.

My kids are 14, 12, and 10 so I am still very much in service to them and probably will be for many more years. Oddly enough, I think I may be being served more than they are. When I gave my body, my health, my time, my love, my care, my abilities for them, I ended up gifting myself, confidence, self-security and patience. Serving helped me discover the greatest love of my life, me. When I gave myself to others to help them find themselves, I ended up finding my true gifts and abilities that came in the small and unseen moments of diaper changes, packed lunches, drives to soccer practice, organizing carpools,trips to the dentist, laundry, homework and everyday life. Service to others is service to your soul.

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