Our 2020 Volunteer Spotlight

As the 2020 National Volunteer Week comes to an end we thought it would be fitting to share some of our Volunteer Spotlights published in our newsletter this past year. Since our organizations founding, the volunteers have been the foundation of the Shimmer, Sparkle, Shine Project. Thank you to everyone that has shared their skills with us and chose to Make Their Mark with our organization.

Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Parrin!

How long have you been volunteering and why do you volunteer with SSSP? I’ve been volunteering for Shimmer Sparkle Shine since February of 2019. I volunteer with this association because I love working this age group of pre-teen girls. I believe in helping women of all ages build their self-esteem through these wonderful workshops that we teach. We as women can build each other up rather than tearing each other down, empower one another, and help each other.

What does self-worth mean to you?  Self-worth means loving yourself for who you are. It means believing in yourself and your abilities and not changing who you are to please others. When we can learn to love ourselves, we can learn to love others as well.

What is your favorite memory from volunteering? My favorite memory was when I spoke with a group of girls about having good friends. I emphasized how it is so important to teach others that those we surround ourselves with helps define who we are. I taught the girls about this and asked them questions about how we can build better relationships with others and how we can become better friends to those who need a friend.

How do you Shimmer Sparkle Shine? I shimmer sparkle shine by striving to be an example to others, by being kind and courageous, and by not apologizing for who I am. Happiness comes from within. It comes from being an example to others, and by exhibiting key qualities that will make us better people.

Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Jen!

Why do you volunteer with SSSP?

I choose to volunteer for SSSP because it provides me with an opportunity to develop new skills and as an adult through teaching each young lady about their own self-worth. Each volunteer opportunity has been just as rewarding for me as I hope it has been for the sparklers. It has truly been a priceless opportunity!

How do you shimmer sparkle shine?

I shimmer sparkle and shine by rallying where I am now, and by owning my daily and big life choices.

What is your favorite memory from volunteering?

My favorite memory from volunteering was from my first week of teaching the class series. I was a little nervous to invite 5 new girls into my world and show them my version of self-worth. Would I be able to teach them everything I wanted to in the way I wanted to in just a few weeks? The question was looming as I introduced myself to each girl who walked through the door!! I must not have been hiding it well on my face..... It got quiet and class was about to begin when someone piped up and said, "Ms. Jen, you got this!" What a great start to my very first week!

What does self-worth mean to you?

Self-worth is being and doing the things that are precious to me and accepting the things that are not. I find more happiness in the things that are wonderful, and less hopelessness in the things that are not.

Meet our newest board member Tara!

What does self-worth mean to you? Self-worth is having the confidence to express your true authentic self, no matter the differences in our physical, emotional, financial, intellectual, or social well-being. This confidence is always changing and evolving through all the stages of life.  Being kind to oneself and finding love from within.

What is your favorite SSSP Key? Healthy Living. With almost 20 years of educational and professional experience in the healthy living and lifestyle arena, this key encompasses the whole being. This key brings joy, energy, and confidence to those who treat and use their bodies and mind effectively and kindly.  

What skill would you like to master?  I would love to master the art and science of baking! I find great joy in the kitchen creating and exploring recipes and ingredients, but I do not hold the skills to be a great baker. Betty Crocker… Julia Childs… can you help me? 

What would be your ideal way to spend the weekend? The ideal way to spend a weekend is by starting the days off with some low-key snuggles with my two young boys while enjoying a delicious cup of coffee. The day continues with some very active adventures with my family, whether it be visiting local attractions, shooting some soccer goals, or hitting the ski slopes. Finishing the day some quality time with my spouse over a nice dinner and conversation sounds just about perfect!

What was the best compliment you’ve received?  Very recently someone told me that I am a great mom. Parenthood comes with many struggles, lessons, and fumbles along the way, and often we (parents) question and discount ourselves and our abilities. Having someone else tell me this helped me to see that all the hard work to direct, help and guide my kids in a positive and loving manner is truly paying off, and I am succeeding in the balancing act that is life.

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