Unlocking the Potential

Right now, I feel like the mental state of the world is struggling. In all the research I have done, the biggest way to combat anxiety is to stay busy with things that you enjoy doing and with things that help you concentrate on the current moment, instead of focusing on the what ifs of the future or past. Therefore, the Shimmer Sparkle Shine Project is committing to providing ideas and resources with things you can do to unlock the potential of the quarantine for yourself and your family.

1. On social media, we are sharing daily activities that you can do with your kids at home. Some of these activities will help your child practice the skills they learn at school. Other activities will help further develop your child’s self-worth. Please check our Facebook or Instagram daily for these!

2. In our program we give all participants a Boost Book, which is essentially a self-esteem journal. The quarantine would be a GREAT time to encourage your sparkler to add to their Boost Book. If your daughter has not had access to our program, let us know and we will send you a free Boost Book!

3. Taking care of your physical health can contribute greatly to the state of your mental health. Keep moving and make mealtime fun! If you are looking for ways you and/or kids to stay active, I encourage you to go on YouTube for a wide variety of workout videos! My personal favorite is The Fitness Marshall. The YMCA also came out with free online videos to stay active at home. This would also be a great time to try new recipes and teach your child more about cooking. Cooking can help your child keep up on their math and reading skills!

4. The biggest way that I improve my mental state is when I help others. Take time to work on a service project. Social media has been filled with posts about how people in nursing homes are heavily isolated and lonely because of the virus. Have your child draw/color pictures to send to people living in your local nursing homes. You can make blankets or toys for pets in shelters or learn origami to take part in Cranes for a Cure!

5. Take time to read! A few summer ago, the Shimmer Sparkle Shine Project hosted a special summer reading broadcast where we gave book recommendations, for all ages, about loving who you are. Take time to read some of our suggestions!

6. Write a blog post for us! Writing a blog post would be a great way to have your child keep up on their writing skills. We welcome women and girls of all ages to be guest writers and share any component of their self-worth journey. You can read old blog posts here on our websites or on our old blog platform for ideas!

It is a stressful time, but I hope our ideas can help make it a little bit easier! If you take part in any of these activities or have any ideas of your own, please share with us! I am committing to taking more time to work on my embroidery while at home. Personally, crafting helps me focus on the here and now. I am also using this time to stay active by shaking my booty off to Fitness Marshal videos! Please don’t neglect your mental health during this time, and always Shimmer, Sparkle, Shine!

With Love,

Ciara Mosquito

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