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Experience the Shimmer Sparkle Shine Workshop with the participating girls. You will lead them through various discussions, activities, and crafts that focus around discovering one’s self worth. Your biggest role will be acting as their friend and someone they can trust with the subject matter. Depending on the number of volunteers and participating girls, some volunteers will be assigned to travel through each station with a group of girls, and others will be asked to run the stations.


  • Assist setting up materials and decorations before girls arrive for the workshop.
  • Encourage participation of the girls in the various discussions.
  • Supervise participants as they create their Boost Books.
  • Either lead a group of girls through the various stations or run a station. The instructions and materials for each station are taken care of and provided.
  • Clean up all materials and trash at the end.

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When volunteering for the first time, please bring a physical copy of the following forms completed and signed.

Download Volunteer Intake Form